The Top Three Restaurants in London

If you are looking forward to a trip to London you need to do a little planning. Once you have organised your accommodation and sorted out all of the places that you wish to visit, you then need to consider where you should top restaurants in Londoneat. Everyone needs go visit a top restaurant in London, at least once while they are there. After all, London boasts some of the best cuisine in the world. 

Social Eating House

This top rated restaurant in London has been the talk of many conversations. With its trendy mirrored ceiling, cocktail bar and food staples such as smoked duck and ham and eggs, you can’t go far wrong. They serve traditional food but in a different way. There is also a huge glass wall that separates the dinning room from the kitchen, allowing you to see all of the chefs busy at work.

Our second choice of a top restaurant in London is Palmar. This is the perfect setting if you are on a mini romantic break. Set in London’s vibrant Chinatown, this Israeli food themed restaurant sells exotic and spiced infused dishes accompanied by a rich tapestry of background dance tunes. If you want somewhere fun yet intimate to dine, this restaurant in London should be at the top of your list. 

Our final choice of a top restaurant in London is Dabbous, which is one of the hottest places to eat. It opened in 2012, but is still as popular as ever with its use of homegrown fruit and veg and decorative flowers. It can be hard to

get a table, so its probably best to book, but once there you are guaranteed a fantastic evening out with friends. There is also a basement bar in which to dance the night away. 

When visiting this capital city, make it a top priority to visit a top restaurant in London and enjoy everything that this vibrant and busy city has to offer you.