Brunettes vs Blondes: Who’s better in bed overnight?

For a long time the battle or the hairs, so to speak has been rampant. With theories flying around and people saying this and that all over the web, it is not really easy to tell which is which. But in a Brunettes vs Blondes better in bedrecent research men state that they prefer brunettes to blondes. In the past decades or so, people have been assuming that blondes have the most fun because they have been spoken about a lot more often about going out and being naughty. However, it is always the silent ones that have all the juicy details and the silent endeavors in the dark, behind clubs, and on the bathroom sinks.

Many are the times when people will assume that for a man, sex is sex. Well sometimes sex is greater than other times and thus men would really want to know Brunettes vs Blondes: Who’s better in bed overnight?


Blondes have been spoken about for years. People have been stating theories and myths about them. How do they think- shallow? It is also said that blondes love to go out to the clubs every night and they can get kinky with just about everyone and everywhere. Because of this fact and knowing that they have been around the block a few times, men will naturally assume that they will be better in bed overnight. It will be assumed that they make the hair at the back of your neck stand and that they will make you sweat until you are dehydrated. However, this seems to be just a myth with men from all over stating that they prefer brunettes because not only are they better in bed overnight, they are also great in relationships.


Stories about brunets have been slow at coming. They have been seen for a long time as the good girls who follow all the rules strictly, the submissive once who barely know anything about sex but in the question of Brunettes vs Blondes Who is better in bed overnight? Brunettes are the sexy women winners. Although they do not go around parading their stories, they have been around the block more than blondes have. Brunettes said they love experimenting new things, something that is great even for a one-night sexual encounter.

Therefore when it comes to the question of Brunettes vs Blondes: Who’s better in bed overnight? it will be the brunettes who win. They are more open to suggestions because they want to learn new things, they will do to a man things he never thought imaginable. Blondes will let you lead and they will follow what you say while brunets will do what every man likes- take control. They will let you know how they want it so you do not fly in blind. They will not stop at this, they will also let you know what they want you to try with them. They will tell you what they want to try on you. This is a sure way to make overnight fun memorable and great.